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Are laser tape measures any good?laser tape measures

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Are laser tape measures any good?

Are laser tape measures any good?


Tape measure is one of the commonly used measuring tools at home. It has simple structure and low price. It is no problem to measure doors, windows and furniture daily. However, the tape measure has two inherent defects, one is that it is easy to bend the data when measuring a long distance, and the other is that there is a risk of scratching the fingers when rewinding.


With the development of science and technology, laser rangefinder, a measuring tool that can replace tape, has become popular. Laser rangefinder has the advantages of long measuring range, accurate measurement and safe use.



The experience shared with you today is the mini laser rangefinder from (Liang Fang Shen Qi). As an entry-level product, it is small and easy to operate. It supports rapid measurement of 60m distance with an accuracy of ± 2mm. It is suitable to be used as a common measurement tool in families.



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