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What is a laser measuring tool used for?

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What is a laser measuring tool used for?

What is a laser measuring tool used for?

1. in the metal industry, such as metal cutting applications, we often need to cut the metal with the specified specification and length. By installing the laser ranging equipment on the cutting equipment, we can monitor the cutting length and cut accurately. In addition, it also includes the forging and filling of steel. Because the metal forging temperature is very high, the laser ranging sensor can be contactless

2. the bridge building monitors the upper and lower bridge decks of the bridge through the laser ranging sensor to monitor the inclination and deformation of the truss; In addition, for example, the protection of historical buildings, including church buildings, is not only in the interests of the owners, but also in the respect of the owners. Through our laser range sensors, we can monitor the tiny "movements" of these buildings

3. track monitoring of track railway includes monitoring of railway infrastructure, deformation monitoring of railway tunnel, debris flow monitoring of mountain railway strata, etc

4. warehousing and logistics, such as common laser ranging sensors used for material level of silos, location monitoring and positioning of logistics trucks, etc

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a laser measuring tool used for

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  • a laser measuring tool used for

  • 1. Not only the combination of digital tape measure and laser distance measurement, but also the function of XYZ level meter, original patent, XYZ level meter can be used to measure whether the plane of the wall/floor is level, etc.

  • a laser measuring tool

  • 2. There are four measurement modes: area/volume/Pythagorean/horizontal measurement, which can automatically calculate area/volume, etc., and can switch various units: mm, cm, M, Inch x 0.1, FT x 0.01, Inch x 1

  • a laser measuring tool

  • 3. Data storage function, can store up to 40 pieces of data, and display the last measurement data in real time. The data display direction can be automatically switched with the habits of left and right hands, which is more user-friendly.

  • laser measuring tool

  • 4.Both the laser and the tape measure can adjust the front and rear reference measurements, USB charging, switchable sound/silent mode, and Bluetooth connection to the APP.

  • 【 High Precision 】: laser measurement accuracy: +/- 3mm, It's available to operate continuous measure, accurate distance can be read within the effective range while moving, Class II laser production<1mW power output.

What is a laser measuring tool used for?

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